The University

The University of Erlangen-Nuernberg is one of Germany's largest universities. It also has one of the most comprehensive range of subjects on offer. Its motto, "Advance through Networks", has been inspired by interdisciplinary networking, combined with a close, flexible co-operation between departments. This approach, in turn, enhances the spectrum of opportunity for study.

The main focus in research and teaching is found at the interface between Natural Sciences, Engineering and Medicine in close co-operation with the classical disciplines of Law, Theology, the Humanities, Economics, and Social and Educational Sciences.

The hallmark of the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuernberg is its presence in all fields of knowledge and science. The University has succeeded in establishing cutting-edge specialisation in research and teaching with an international reputation by creating a close-knit network of interdisciplinary collaboration. By co-operating intensively with non-university research centres and industry, this university in the heart of Central Franconia has come to play a leading role in the development of future technologies and concepts.

The close links between teaching and research at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg means students receive a high level of academic training in a state-of-the-art research environment. Our graduates can look forward to optimal professional career prospects.

The University is international in design and concept but is firmly rooted in the Nuremberg metropolitan region.

Basic facts:

FAU is one of the ten largest universities in Germany and one of the leading universities in Europe. The University was ranked among the best in 11 out of 31 categories in the EU`s international U-MultirankTM ranking.

Of the 40,174 students (winter semester 2015/2016) at FAU, 19,736 are female and 4,341 are international students.

FAU currently offers 256 degree programmes, including 78 Bachelor`s degree programmes, 88 Master`s degree programmes and 90 Staatsexamen (state examinations) degree programmes (in subjects such as teaching, law and medicine). In 2014, 6,379 students graduated from FAU, 671 completed their doctoral degrees and 44 post-doctoral students completed their habilitation. FAU has a total of 661 professorships. With a total of 180 million euros (2014), FAU has one of the highest volumes of third-party funding of all the universities in Germany.