The Erlangen-Nürnberg Region

MapFriedrich-Alexander-University has various campuses in the Nuernberg-Fuerth-Erlangen metropolitan area in the North of the German State Bavaria. Located approximately 180km north of Munich and 200km east of Frankfurt, the city triangle has 2.5 million inhabitants and is among the largest economic centres in Germany.

Both Erlangen, with its 100,000 inhabitants, the home of the Huguenots, cyclists and Siemens, and Nuremberg, a metropolitan city with a population of half a million, have their own special charm. The opera, theatres and museums, cabaret and a lively pub culture and nightlife offer an attractive alternative after a day in lectures, labs or libraries. Some of the annual cultural highlights in Erlangen are:

Countless cultural venues in Nuernberg open their doors to culture fans for the "Blue Night". Every two years the research institutes in Erlangen, Nuremberg and Fuerth hold an open night, the "Long Night of Knowledge". Franconian Switzerland, a paradise for climbers and walkers, offers the active all they could wish for right on their doorstep; water sports enthusiasts will find the new Franconian Lakes and the University water-sports centre a temptation they cannot resist.

The Central Office for Internatinal Affairs of the University provides more information on the Erlangen-Nuernberg region.