MA Programme Overview

Focus of the Programme

The MA programme provides in-depth knowledge/understanding in the following areas:

  • Relationships between physical activity, exercise, and health
  • Strategies on how to promote health among populations and sub-populations
  • Setting up, implementing, and evaluating actions to promote physical activity and health
  • First-hand research experience in the area of Physical Activity and Public Health
  • First-hand research experience in the area of Rehabilitation and Disease Prevention
  • Communication and management skills for working with organisations in the area of health promotion

The MA programme does not provide the following:

  • Technical skills or coaching skills in various forms of exercise or sports
  • Skills in the area of Physical Education
  • Advanced skills in Sport Medicine or a licence to practice Sports Medicine
  • Advanced skills in Physical Therapy or a license to practice Physical Therapy
  • German language skills


Module Overview

The Master's programme includes a total of 120 credit points according to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). Please download the module descriptions for more information on the goals and contents of the individual modules.


Programme Structure

Please click here to download the structure of the MA programme (PDF).

Organizational Chart


Degree Course and Examination Regulations

The Degree Course and Examination Regulations contain all the relevant legal regulations on which the Master's programme is based. Please note that the German version of these regulations is the legally binding one. The English version is for information purposes only.


German Language Classes

A basic knowledge of German is highly recommended to all students, especially for the project-based classes in the 2nd year (Module 10 and Module 15). All non-German speaking students are strongly encouraged to acquire a basic knowledge of German during their 1st year.

Among others, the Language Center of the University offers free German classes for all levels of proficiency. Faculty and staff of the MA Programme will assist students in finding a suitable language class and integrating it into their course schedule.